Define Self (Unit 2)
Weeks 3-4

In the introductory unit, you set the stage for the successful integration of Culturally Responsive teaching. In Unit 2: Define Self, you will guide your students to explore their own identities and how those identities are similar across all peoples. It is important to include yourself (as the teacher) in those definitions. Through entering the writing with your students, you can begin to cultivate more inĀ­-depth relationships with all of your students.

This unit begins by following some of the important writings from American History. At the same time, it stitches together the materials and resources relevant to our students. This creates an atmosphere of achievement and learning that can be used both inside the classroom and out. The unit starts with activities that focus on identifying when it is appropriate to surrender yourself.

The Unit will conclude with a powerful video that showcases how our school system can cause problems if it focuses on the differences between people.